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Aug 16, 2011

Are you struggling with addiction, depression or stress?

The Ohio Society of CPAs’ Concerned CPA Network is dedicated to informing Ohio CPAs, accounting professionals, students or their peers and family members about alcohol or substance abuse problems, depression or mental illness. This program encourages affected individuals to seek help, and assists in their recovery.

The Concerned CPA Network connects those in need with volunteer CPAs who have personally struggled with the same challenges or who have someone close to them who has. This is a confidential hotline dedicated to addressing substance abuse and related problems. All calls are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and are responded to by individuals currently in recovery or with family or friends in recovery programs.

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Online resources

An alcoholic  . .  . me?
By E. Lynn Nichols, CPA

The mental stress and long hours associated with a CPA’s work can be difficult to handle, driving some to seek comfort in mood-altering chemicals. recently listed accounting as one of the top 10 professions with high rates of addiction. Throughout my career, I’ve seen lots of folks struggle with alcoholism. I was one of them. Read this article from Lynn Nichols that was featured in the March/April issue of CPA Voice.

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Have you battled chemical dependency? Want to lend a helping hand to Ohio CPAs facing addiction?

Learn how you can make a difference and get involved.

Did you know…

Accounting has been listed as one of the top 10 professions with high rates of addiction?

67% of human resources professionals identify substance abuse as one of the most serious issues they face among their workforce?

Employees harboring drug and/or heavy alcohol abuse problems have much higher rates of job turnover and absenteeism than those who don’t?

If you have a substance abuse problem, understand that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Supporting the Concerned CPA Network

Your generosity will provide your peers an opportunity to seek anonymous support and assistance for problems with alcohol, substance abuse, depression or stress. A call to the Concerned CPA Network hotline at 800.939.5906 could save their family, career or even their life.

Concerned CPA Network

The Concerned CPA Network is a 501 (c)(3) charitable affiliate of The Ohio Society of CPAs and exists solely by the support from businesses or individuals like you. Contributions to the Concerned CPA Network are tax deductible and go directly to program activities.