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Municipal Tax Reform Coalition launches new website; Twitter handle

Feb 28, 2013
The Municipal Tax Reform Coalition has launched a new website and Twitter handle, @OHMuniTaxReform. The coalition, an OSCPA-led partnership of 25 statewide organizations, is driving reform of Ohio’s municipal income tax code and advocating for the passage of House Bill 5, introduced as a priority bill earlier this month.

CPAs know better than anyone the impact Ohio’s current municipal tax system has on individual and business taxpayers. It causes compliance headaches and drives up business costs which could be better invested in creating new jobs.

H.B. 5 establishes a uniform municipal income tax system with one set of rules and regulations that would apply to all Ohio cities that impose business and individual income taxes. That translates to a simpler, predictable and more uniform municipal tax system that is good for business and good for Ohio.

Help the Coalition ensure that H.B. 5 passes by making your voice heard.

Visit the website to share your story and sign the petition for legislators. You can also write a letter to your legislator, or encourage clients to do so. You can download a sample letter from OSCPA’s website to help you get started.

For the latest municipal tax news, follow @OHMuniTaxReform and sign up for email updates from the Municipal Tax Reform Coalition.