CPAs in the Classroom

Now, there are even more opportunities for you to get involved and make a positive difference in the lives of students in your community!

Learning how to manage money and make responsible financial decisions is important for everyone. For students, it’s even more important. Understanding how to use and manage money early in life paves the way for a lifetime of financial success.

That’s why The Ohio CPA Foundation is launching CPAs in the Classroom which includes two financial literacy programs – FETCH! for elementary students and High School Accounting Career Days for high school students.

Calling all CPAs!

As a CPA, you have the financial knowledge and skills to help young people understand how to use and manage money successfully. The Foundation will match volunteers with a school in their community and provide the classroom materials, volunteer training and everything needed for a successful classroom experience. It’s never been easier to volunteer. Register today, all we need is you!

FETCH!® Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits

Elementary school financial literacy outreach

In response to requests from teachers and OSCPA members to offer a program that addresses financial literacy basics such as budgeting, saving and spending at the elementary school level, The Ohio CPA Foundation created a classroom activity, called FETCH!®: Financial Education Teaches Children Healthy Habits®.

This Foundation program is the exclusive OSCPA volunteer opportunity for financial literacy education at the elementary school level.